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College Cleaners LLC. started in 2018 with a UW Oshkosh student passing around flyers to earn some extra money in order to pay for his schooling. He helped many different people and had a vision to help out college students and people at home everywhere. This vision has became what is - SydeWork.


Colin Milligan, Current Business Owner of SydeWork, partnered with Dr. Zaid Altahat, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Computer Science professor, in April of 2019 to start the development of a mobile app to scale this vision to every town or city with a university nearby. This mobile app will serve as a platform to provide college students with flexible jobs, which will work around their school schedule. The app also serves as a place to help out the surrounding community, by providing them with a hardworking labor force to get their "at home" tasks completed.

Many of our customers cannot complete tasks for many different reasons:​

  • No time available from their full-time job

  • Physically fatiguing or unable due to age, disability, surgery, etc.

  • Too busy taking care of children 

  • Out of town on vacation

  • Do not have the knowledge on how to complete a specific task 

  • Do not know of anyone who can help 


Dr. Zaid Altahat

CTO of SydeWork


Dr. Zaid Altahat has over twenty years of experience as a Software Engineer, Architect, & Researcher working for tech giants such as GE Healthcare, Baxter, & Motorola.

In 2016 Zaid joined UW–Parkside as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department and the director of the App Factory.

He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science/Software Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 2010.

His technical expertise spans a broad array of the software spectrum; including Telecommunication, Healthcare, Software Engineering tools, Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Cloud based Web Applications.

Colin Milligan

CEO of Sydework


Colin started College Cleaners LLC. in the spring of 2018 to earn some extra money so he could afford schooling and has ran the company to complete over 250 separate tasks for over 70 different customers in the Fox Valley Area since the start of 2019. 

Colin graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor

of Business Administration in Economics and a minor in Sustainability Management. 



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